The Immersion Project

This site chronicles the adventures of Seolferwulf. This is being done under the rules listed below.

As an immersion experiment, I am going to start a brand new alt and level her this way:

1 Travel – No Swift Travel allowed. I will allow a port to house (if owned) or to the Kin house.

2 Perma-death – If my character dies, she’s gone.

3 Time – As in real life, my character will have to take regular rests. I will allow her one full day’s adventuring MAX (but 18 hours will be target) before she needs to rest. And to rest she would need to find a campfire, a house, or some other shelter and either physically lay down or at least restrict her movement for at least 8 hours of game time

4 Maps – I will only use the minimap to get around, plus any physical map that I happen to have.

5 Weather – If its raining/snowing, I would expect to limit her travel and adventuring. In Misty Mountains or Forochel, her daily game time will be halved.

6 Food – The character will have to eat regularly. She can buy food or cook it; possibly she will be given food but he will have to eat and drink.

7 Terrain – there will be no unrealistic jumping off cliffs and surviving.

8 Twinking – There will be no twinking from other characters on my account. Other players are free to donate stuff if they wish but I won’t beg.

On time

The following came from a dev:

“While the day cycle is about 3 hours, it is not exactly 3 hours (it is a little over). We did this so that the cycle would stagger over time and people with set play times would get the opportunity to see both different times of day at different times in their play cycle.”

The day/night cycle in LOTRO is 3:06 long – 1:42 long for “day”, and 1:24 long for “night”

Let’s say you start off at 8:00 PM on a Monday, and it’s sunrise in the game world. By 8:00 PM on Tuesday, the game will have gone through 7.74 day/night cycles, and the game time will have regressed by about 46.5 minutes… it’s now maybe midnight in the game world. By 8:00 PM on Wednesday, the game world will have regressed 46.5 more minutes, putting it into dusk, game time. After just about 4 real days, you’ll have shifted the game time back to where you started.

And the math behind it: There are 7.74 LOTRO days per real time day (24 * 60/ 186). The LOTRO clock shifts 7.74 * 6 = 46.44 minutes a day. The game repeats its day night cycle every 186/46.44 = 4 days.

This is convenient for me. Four nights a week, I am on short time for Lotro – max 2 hours. So a Lotro “day” of 1 hour 42 minutes works well. Because of the stagger, I will get to adventure at night as well as in the daytime and I can tailor my activities accordingly.

On distance

The (initial) world will be bounded by Michel Delving and Bree. These 2 centres are roughly 135 miles apart but it will take me a very long time to make my way between the two.

Making my way in the world

I think the character will have to be a farmer / cook. Its the only sensible option allowing  the making of her own food and to sell any surplus.

I want to give particular thanks to Beau of Spouse Aggro (also check his article here) who gave me the idea from when we played Vanguard. Long live The Raki.

The end of the Project

2 Responses to The Immersion Project

  1. shipwreck says:

    Great idea and I mean to follow! Thanks for explaining the time thing as that was a bit confusing.

    Also, how was Vanguard? After reading Beau’s article I was tempted to give it a shot.

    • Keligamer says:

      Vanguard was probably the best game I played from 1-50 (the original level cap). Classes, combat etc were excellent and the sheer adventure in large open spaces with no zoning was amazing. And you could fly! Lost its charm with the introduction of swift travel portals and the grinding after 50. Oh, and APW was best raid dungeon I ever saw. Well worth a month or two of your time.

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