Music Links

This page contains the links to the main sites I use for creating Lotro music.

I specialise in traditional tunes, mostly of Gaelic origin though not exclusively.

My Lotro Music Files (work in progress)

A Traditional Music Library of folk music, tune-books, songbooks and sheet music

Celtic MIDI Sets

Classical Guitar Midi Archives

Fermoy Ireland – Irish Midis – Folk Music of Britain, Ireland & America

Ireland First! – Midi music archive

My spreadsheet of O’Neills Music of Ireland

The Irish Traditional Music Wiki : HomePage

TRAD – Index of tunes

Traditional Irish Tunes in Midi Format

JC’s Online Music Books

The Fiddler’s Companion

O’Carolan, Irish Harper

Old Music Project Catches Rounds and Glees

Tunes at Ceolas

Nigel Gatherer’s Traditional Music Site

Wandering Whistler Music Archives

Traditional fiddle tunes in MIDI format

Allan’s Irish Fiddler collection


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