Archet Aid 2013

Archet Aid 2013 is fast approaching 🙂

Grymrock Grey

Greetings to ya all!

Then #Weatherstock is over for this year and we in ‘The Chosen Few’ had a splendid time as I am sure everyone else had too! A big ‘Thank You’ goes out to the LMB and the rest of the crew over at #Landroval. Excellent done!

So, what happens next?
We have started the work on getting everything ready for this years ‘Archet Aid Fayre’ over here on #laurelin. It is the third yearly event we have made, and this year we have put together an ‘Archet Aid Commitee’ to further develop the event in the right direction.
We have also put up a website and a forum for the event, where we invite ya all to join to help us with ideas/comments and to share your (hopefully fond) memories of the last two ‘Archet Aid’s with us all.

Do you want to contribute?
We are also…

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