They stole our audience!

So, The Andune Ensemble were at a loose end yesterday. Not much happening it seemed so we decided to kick out the jams a little. Now, where could we go where we would be undisturbed and we could get some quality jammin’ in peace? Ah, top of Amon Sul, of course.

So, off we went and found the place deserted save the usual crebans. We quickly set up and were soon playing our socks off. Think those crebans liked us; I swear I heard one of them singing

“The night is for dancing but so is the day, The Andune Ensemble are playing today”

Well, you know, those birds must have carried that message way down to The Forsaken Inn where, no doubt, travellers heard and spread the word. Because, suddenly, folk started arriving to watch us play.

And more came, and more, and more….there were hundreds of them!

ScreenShot00440Man, we were smokin’, I swear my theorbo caught light. Quickly we performed Lark on the Strand, Noontide, Nights in White Satin and El Cumbanchero. The audience went wild.

Then, would you believe it, other bands insisted on playing and rudely shoved us off the stage. The gall! I mean, some of them were OK, I suppose, but they weren’t Andune. But I can hold a grudge and have entered names into my little black book. There will be consequences.

First up will be The Songburrow Strollers – they were the first to jump up and take over. Yeah, I got your names alright, I know where you live. And one dark night in The Shire, I will come and STEAL YOUR BISCUITS!



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One Response to They stole our audience!

  1. Beorbrand says:

    OH puhleeze, you mean to tell me you JUST accidentally wound up on Weathertop!!! If anyone really believes you, I have some land for sale in the Rushock Bog!

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