Weatherstock Survival Guide

Graphics and Lag

Come to Weatherstock with your graphics turned to low before you reach the summit. You will be surprised what 500 characters in all their armor can do to even the mightiest of systems. Some hints:

  • Reduce resolution
  • Turn off shadows
  • Reduce draw distance
  • Turn off on-hit combat effects (under combat options)
  • Take off your hat and cloak! (They are usually graphically complex objects)
  • Turn off combat sound – the sound of crebain biting the dust every few seconds will soon drive you mad ūüôā

If your computer is dying:

  • Look at the sky or the ground
  • Look away from large crowds of people
  • Don’t go anywhere near the mounted procession to Weatherstock!
  • If you notice your PC slowing down after a period then your memory may be at limit – log out of Lotro completely to free up memory then restart

When all else fails you can always watch a live stream! See below for details:


Rules and Regulations

Weatherstock is a concert of epic proportions, so we ask that you observe the following courtesies:

  • Force Emotes – Please refrain from “Forced” emotes, such as the Minstrels Irresistible Dance, Captains Kneel, Burglar’s Sneeze, or Champions Cheer. It contributes to lag and causes systems to freak out. Players may also opt out of receiving forced emotes by going to user settings, Social Options and uncheck the box that says Enable Involuntary Emotes
  • Fire – No campfires or fireworks are allowed at the summit of Amon Sul except by official LMB stage crew. ((We don’t want to burn out any graphics cards…))
  • Down in front – Please sit down in the front rows. Dancing AreaA designated dance area will be set up near the main stage. If you are in the area, you should be dancing.
  • Security – Security will be provided by Lonely Mountain Band for the duration of the event. Any who need escort through the dangerous Lonelands should contact one of the security staff. Transportation will be provided from South Bree and the Forsaken Inn.¬† Should you need assistance¬†Andeon is in charge of the security detail.
  • Freakout Zone – The Freakout Zone will be a quiet place for players to calm down after the craziness of our concert. The location of the Freakout Zone is in the Forsaken Inn though you may also find help at Candaith’s encampment near the western flank of Weathertop. Casual bands and soloists are encouraged to come and play soothing music to our frazzled guests. ¬†Hike to the top of the hill for a grand view of the summit!
  • Green Room – A green room will be provided for competing bands to warm up prior to performance. Just the thing for a final sound check and to make sure everyone has all the necessary instruments.


Remember, use only approved LMB vendors for your hope tokens, pipeweed, food and ale. Take brown lembas at your own risk! It will be a long, hot day so keep hydrated – water and tea are good. Too much ale will put you to sleep and you will miss a chunk of the show and somebody may take advantage and paint your outfit pink while you slumber!

Please remove all litter when you leave.

Another guide that’s worth checking out at¬†

Chat Channels

  • /weatherstock –¬†General Public
  • /weatherstock-de –¬†German channel
  • /weatherstock-fr –¬†French channel
  • /weatherstock-sn –¬†Sindarin channel
  • /advice –¬†Freakout Zone public channel
  • /lff –¬†Security Public Channel
  • /rpc –¬†Song lyrics

To list your user channels type /listchannels; to join a channel (will be assigned next empty slot) type /joinchannel channelname and to leave a channel type /leavechannel channel name.

The RP (roleplay) channel is not displayed in your chat box by default – right click on the tab name and select filters – then you can tick RP.


Subject to change:



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