Weatherstock Concert Series: Runic Knights Orchestra



And so we come to the last of the Weatherstock Concert Series – it’s been fabulous.

Last, but by no means least are The Runic Knights Orchestra (RKO). Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

Founded during beta, the Runic Knights is one of the largest and oldest active kinships on the Brandywine server. The Runic Knights Orchestra was created in 2009 to help make make Runic Knights events more fun for our members, and to serve as ambassadors for Runic Knights to the Brandywine community.

The Runic Knights Orchestra represents the core, the very heart of the Runic Knights kinship.

The Runic Knights Orchestra plays at kinship events, festivals and stages the occasional random concert on the Brandywine server. Over the past couple years, we have also maintained a presence on the Landroval server and members will occasionally stop by to play a random concert or visit at Ales & Tales.

The vast majority of songs in our extensive library (over 800 songs as of this post) were transcribed by RKO members, including Pinoh, Thjalfi, Rathinosk and Khaladreth. 

The library covers a wide variety of music ranging from Medieval/Celtic and Classical music to Jazz, Big Band and Modern Rock, Dance and Pop music. We love music, all music.

Members that you may see at Weatherstock include:

Grimbori (Grimbori/Hordmod)
Khaladreth (Khalawyn/Alyrwen)
Primrosia (Primrosiah/Hartsing)
Rathinosk (Rathlaer/Rathlam)
Sanforyd (Sanicle)
Yarissa (Belathriel)


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