Weatherstock Concert Series: Mornie Atlantie


About Mornie Alantie

The following lines will serve to bring a little light into the darkness of our development. Many of us, the following will seem familiar, because they were part of the development process of Mornie Alantie. For all the new companions and friends, which we know not so long, the lines may give a short overview of how our community has emerged.

The elf glanced again the first lines, which decorated the sheet, a smile playing on his lips, and already the spring came again to their determination

The beginning …. it is difficult to determine a beginning, because our clan emerged from a different community. Many of us were part of this community which bears the name Nirnaeth na i Anar. As I said, many of our current members were united under this name some time and went into the land until this condition should change.

There were differences of opinion, which abandon the founder of this clan Gilweneth, rhyme and led me to the shelter in the middle of our beloved friends and their own paths. This step is not easy for us, but it was necessary and as hard as it partly fell, we left three on a cool autumn this year, the home of the clan Nirnaeth na i Anar for the last time and new paths.

Where would lead us the way, we do not know yet and we moved a couple of days lost through the country. A return would not exist and we know the other communities put represents no way to find what we were looking for. We talked about it a long time, searching for solutions to ultimately the only correct result for us to find – Starting Your Own Community.

I took off to get the necessary papers and after a long time finding a suitable name, the Mornie Alantie in the familiar surroundings of Reims house was on 1 Founded Narbeleth day of the month. Mornie Alantie – the darkness has fallen, the name under which we should read together through the country to come against the rise of the Dark Lord and his minions proceed. A small community, but we had to be adamant gone the right way! Some had to be organized to make the decision one way or another. The days went by and many of our former companions at the Nirnaeth na i Anar followed in our ranks, each did so in its own special way and it would more than fill this page if I would write every story. New acquaintances were bringing in new members were fortunately their way to us and confirmed us in to have gone the right way!

So much for the development of our community, we will try our history, which we will keep in the room to capture the most important events that affect our community.

May our journey together be long and not too rocky! But no matter what challenges are also waiting for us, united by our community, we defy them!

Curudirion put the pen to the side, waiting for a moment to the written lines were dried and looked happy to be working. He tied the sheet into a roll and placed it in the still empty space on the bookshelf. His work here was done initially and nimble step he left the study behind to enjoy the last rays of the setting sun on the bench outside his house.

Our band consists of members of all races, even if dwarfs are present only seldom. Our kinship and thus our band exists since 3,5 years and we have some great musicians who mostly write the songs manually. Our music style is mostly lore style based inspired by medieval music. But we also have some modern songs in our repertoire.

Band information

The nameless Band was formed by Arelas on Belegaer in late 2008, almost a year before our kin was founded.

At first we only played for ourselves. Later, when we started playing in public, we took over our kin’s name for the band.

We created many new songs and more musicians joined us. We gained a lot of experience in performances and concerts, and last year we won the people’s choice award at Weatherstock.

Our music style reaches from medieval to modern music. We have re-arranged versions of known titles, but also own composed songs.

For Weatherstock we translated some of our German lyrics into English.

Band members (different names on Landroval in brackets):

Arelas (Arelias)
Clopin (Myrke)
Gavi (Gavii)


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