Weatherstock Concert Series: Andunie

Yay, Andunie – or as we in The Andune Ensemble like to say, our sister band! Sorry about the name confusion, guys.



Well, here’s what by Makalaure Canafinwe has to say about the band:

I am Makalaure and the band Andúnië is made of Elves who came together two years ago originally on the Laurelin server. I hesitate to say “my” band, even as bandleader, for each one of us is capable of leading and I know some are better than I am at the job so it’s not really my band at all. We are a team. We also play in other bands for the enjoyment of it because we like and respect each other.

Each band member is extremely talented. Many of us are real life musicians and we create our own songs for game play with themes of Arda. We LOVE music and we hope it shows! Last year at Weatherstock we were the band that played the drum song written by Phedelene. This year we hope to be back with more original tunes that might wow you! 

We have performed many times on both Landroval and Laurelin and we have played for the well-attended Grand Elven Ball for several years on Laurelin. We test our new songs each week and give impromptu concerts on both Laurelin and Landroval.

We were at Weatherstock last year and won the Light In The Dark award. We pride ourselves on original songs created by our members.

Band Members:

Andúnië band members are: Ancalimo, Earalenia, Earmoth, Elinnea, Fernith, Fionnuala, Lhasbelin, Makalaure, Miste, Nifferil, Phedelene, Taendis, Tamaren, Tuilieth. There are others but I am afraid I will spell their names wrong. Our members are from Russia, Europe, Australia and the USA.

We are an all Elven group from many kinships who are drawn together by our love of music. We play on Landroval and Laurelin.


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