Weatherstock Concert Series: A Rock and a Hard Place

What a great start to the Weatherstock Concert Series with outstanding concerts from all bands concerned – and, no, I’m not going to single out my favourite(s). It was also good to see the attendance levels being so healthy considering we are in the holiday season now for many players.

This weekend we have 4 more bands for you to enjoy. First to perform will be A Rock and a Hard Place.



In their words:

We are the only band on Dwarrowdelf performing in public and on a weekly basis so far and we’ve been on it for more than half a year now. We play self-converted music and we like a mix of modern day music from heavy metal, rock, pop, sometimes folk and even classical or computer game music.

Sometimes we use custom lyrics, sometimes we cite along the original lyrics, but mostly we rely on the sound of our music as we play for the sound and the fun listening to the tunes. A huge portion of the songs is done by our bandleader but our other members are contributing some valuable songs as well.
Currently our band consists of 4 fixed members and a few people that join us every now and then for the concerts.

Web site:


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Lotro player, Medieval history student, geek
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One Response to Weatherstock Concert Series: A Rock and a Hard Place

  1. Tim says:

    Sounds very cool….

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