Weatherstock Concert Series: A Flock of Smeagols

Best band name EVER!


Our final concert this weekend will feature A Flock of Smeagols (feat Don’t Tempt Me Frodo.

Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

Flock of Smeagols was originally a Kinship created on Silverlode server by Mirinaeth. The band has been created on Landroval to play at Weatherstock in Don’t Tempt Me Frodo’s stead, due to unavailability of most of the same members from last year. Durrann and Codella are the founders of the Flock of Smeagols band, and the circumstances of their meeting was…er…special, indeed.

FoS has played two independent, one-ish hour concerts on Landroval within the last month and has made an appearance at both Ales & Tales and the EMS Open Mic. Members have performed as part of Don’t Tempt Me Frodo for weddings, server events, private parties, Ales & Tales, Open Mic shows, solo shows, and of course, Weatherstock!

Durrann and Codella are getting more involved in .abc creation and are definitely planning to create an original piece for performance at Weatherstock. We will also likely be working with the Lyrical system, and have some fun currently in the works with that.

We’ve been wanting to do more with event design and creation, but that has been a challenge, as over half of our normal members are in the middle of pursuing higher education, which, as we all know, tends to monopolize a person’s life, at the time. Good news though folks, there is this grand thing called Summer Break!! Huzzah! \o/

Music style – a little of everything. Our original composition will likely be something more serious and lively, but we aren’t beyond doing cheap covers and twisting existing popular songs for our own devious purposes (*foreshadows*). For those that have attended our concerts, you’ll be aware that our signature song is “I Ran”, which we think is both appropriate and particularly amusing.


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  1. Keligamer says:

    Given that the above didn’t really do them justice, here’s a proper interview –

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