Merric and Goldenstar

Well, I managed to be on vacation when the final Casual Stroll To Mordor (CSTM) podcast took place so I missed my chance to phone in. But I have just finished listening to the podcast and wanted to add my own words.

Merric and Goldenstar are the reason I now play on Landroval as part of the Lonely Mountain Band. It’s all their fault! I played on Evernight for a couple of years with a great Kin (shout out to The Order of Gilthoniel) but felt something was missing after levelling two characters to cap. And I had a suspicion it was the social side of the game.

Then I read about Weatherstock on CSTM. Coincidentally, this was the time that Europeans were at last able to make a character on US servers so off I went to Weatherstock with my fresh faced level 7. Wow, now this is something you wouldn’t see on Evernight. My reading on CSTM had established that a Kin called The Lonely Mountain Band were responsible for the whole kit and caboodle so I thought, why not, let’s see if they minded taking on a player who, at that time, only intended to drop in now and again.

As it happened, several of the Officers of LMB were committed Europhiles who really wanted to expand their Kin to encompass what they foresaw would be an influx of non-US players over the coming months. And so I joined.

And fell in head first to the music side of the game and am still drowning in it!

Fast forward to the following year and here’s CSTM again. Each year they provide a fantastic amount of support to a charity called Child’s Play. No need for details here ( check out but I got involved in providing music at some of the events. This was when I saw how much Merric and Goldenstar cared and how much effort they put in to support the charity.

We all know about the website and how it was the go-to place for information like Guides to Festivals; we all know about the entertaining podcasts and we all know about Baby Hobbit. But let’s remember the real people who made it all possible – Merric and Goldenstar, I salute you.


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  1. Goldenstar says:

    Thank you so much. 🙂

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