Weatherstock Concert Series: Die Meisterbarden von Bree


Oh, what can I say about Die Meisterbarden? Well, first of all, hello Mayie, hello Kiki 🙂

DMvB are a great band that hail from the Vanyar server but we often see them on Landroval, either playing or attending our concerts – Andune Ensemble always appreciates the support.

They play every Friday, a 2 hour concert on Vanyar and have done since December 2008 to audiences of about 40 people. And, as mentioned, they also play now on Landroval, Belegaer, Maiar, Laurelin on a random basis. DMvB are often seen at the big events too like the “Bree Dressur Derby” on Vanyar and the “Spring Carnival Racing” on Landroval.

Here’s a link to their livestreams on


Website :

Die Meisterbarden von Bree are a band of currently nine real players. With all their alts they can play songs with up to 16 instruments. About 95% of their  c600 songs are made/transcribed by the members of the Meisterbarden themselves.

You’re all invited to visit DMvB on Vanyar every Friday 8pm-10pm CEST (2pm servertime on Landroval).

Come and watch them perform on July 6th, 3pm servertime, Bree Auction House, Landroval as we continue our Weatherstock Concert Series.


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2 Responses to Weatherstock Concert Series: Die Meisterbarden von Bree

  1. Mayie Flower says:

    Hey, Keli! Thanks for the cool article about our band! I think we fell in love with Landroval with all those great people and awesome events there. To all other people I can only say: Come to Weatherstock and watch all those great bands playing!
    See you at Weatherstock!

  2. Kikilaa says:

    Hey fom my side also! Yes, you have found out correct: mayie and i are currently the most active persons on landroval, we really fell in love with you guys and playing for and with you is a verry big pleasure! 🙂 thank you for the article, and all the fun we have with you people of landroval! cya there ❤
    greetings, Kiki ❤

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