Weatherstock Concert Series: The Chosen Few

The Weatherstock Concert Series gives our bands the opportunity to present themselves and their music to the Landroval audience with undivided attention to only them for at least an hour (at Weatherstock itself, they will only play for 15-20 minutes maximum).

You will have the unique chance to see all 11 high-class Weatherstock bands! That’s a lot of music in the next few weeks up until Weatherstock with a lot of very distinct musical styles.

Entertainment guaranteed!

We will start on June 26th with an incredible band from Laurelin: The Chosen Few.


About Chosen Few (from the Lonely Mountain Free Press)

Bandleader : Grymrock Grey – Order of the Divine Brew

Babushka – Order of the Divine Brew
Gwestia – Order of the Divine Brew
Merlas – Order of the Divine Brew (Kinchief)
Chryssie – The Grand Order of The Lost Mathom
Tallic – The Grand Order of The Lost Mathom
Nafing – Order of the Divine Brew
Gotilia – Order of the Divine Brew
Uswin – Adventurers of Arda

Background information: 
‘The Chosen Few’ were formed late in 2010 by the kinships ‘Order of the Divine Brew’, ‘Adventurers of Arda’ and ‘No Strings Attached’. (Grym, Trotgard, Uswin, Chadwick). We then expanded with two more members from ‘Durins Folk’ (Norgi) and ‘Shire Rose’ (Amorey). We kept this lineup until last years Weatherstock, but due to people leaving the game, and various other reasons, we are now in the 2nd lineup for the band.

We have been transcribing our own tunes almost from the beginning, and have now a quite big collection of tunes for all occasions, and we have done a good deal of concerts through the two years with various public balls, birthday parties, anniversary concerts and stuff like that.

We have even played the music for a dwarven transvestite stripper at one occasion…. 0.o…. (dont ask..)

In 2011 we started up the yearly event ‘Archet Aid’ at Laurelin with five bands present, and last year we had seven bands present. This year, who knows? 🙂

Music style 
The Chosen Few claims to be a ‘barn-dance band’ with merry / danceable tunes in the genres of bluegrass / blues / jigs and some Irish/Celtic tunes mixed in. We are also known to have the occasional slow tunes for those cheek-against-cheek dances. 🙂

Links to media content for The Chosen Few 

Our page at (do a search there for us, and you will find some pictures from events)

Our Archet Aid website: “


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