Geoffroi’s House of Leather

Well, a very Happy New Year to all my readers.

Now it is common at this time of year to make fresh starts, make resolutions and the like. And I have been thinking that now I have settled in Bree and bought a house, I need to find something to do with my spare time.

Of course I have The Andune Ensemble. And looking after those recalcitrant reprobates is almost a full time job in itself. But still, there must be more and especially something that brings in an income. For some strange reason, our audiences insist on showing their appreciation with pies rather than coin.

I’m much taken with the facelift and rebuilding in Bree undertaken by our Mayor and I spent a goodly amount of time nosying around. It occurred to me that we will be getting an influx of new citizens soon as Bree’s fame spreads and there is a severe lack of entertainment establishments to cater for them. Oh sure we have the Pony but frankly that is getting a little tired now. And the new stage opposite will draw custom away. Oh, by the way we played there last week for the first time, sketch below.


And we have Madame Celestine’s and, er, not much else. So I am planning a new club and have identified premises.

Geoffroi’s House of Leather will be a grand establishment with unbounded luxury. My limitless ingenuity will make this a venue for the connoisseur and especially those who enjoy the satisfying feel of leather in all it’s manifold aspects.

We will be an equal opportunities club, even Dwarves of the opposite gender will be welcome to wear dresses and quaff cocktails without fear of ridicule.

Of course, such an establishment cannot succeed without the proper staff. I have yet to make appointments but my dream team is:

  • Reception and Front of House services – Lady Cennwyn
  • Catering – Carica and Bluebonnet. Be sure to request a taste of their muffins
  • Security – Slab the Troll
  • Exotic Substances – Beorbrand Beorning
  • Exotic Services (Ladies) – Aegthil of Gondor (also in charge of bat fur supplies)
  • Exotic Services (Gentlemen) – to be filled after personal audition of several cute elf chicks by Geoffroi
  • Dwarven Specialities – Keliax The Depraved
  • Hobbit Specialities – Tomrica and Byrcha (will work together if requested)
  • Music and jolly sing-songs – Anarwald of the purple horn

A fine team, I’m sure you will agree. Now to see if I can secure their services.

Many other staff will be required. If you think you have the necessary credentials please apply to the address below. All applications considered but contortionists are especially welcome. Whips will be provided.

Geoffroi’s House of Leather
Hanky Panky Passage
Grope Lane

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Lotro player, Medieval history student, geek
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5 Responses to Geoffroi’s House of Leather

  1. cennwyn says:

    Better than Back of House services, I suppose…


  2. How do you know that Anarwald has a purple horn?

  3. Ridwulf...LMB says:

    Ooh just found your blog…very nice!

  4. Beorbrand says:

    I like the title “Purveyor of Exotic Substances” just fine.

  5. Tomrica says:

    How did I get recruited to this!?!?

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