The Pie

I have been thinking about pie a lot recently. Specifically a fruit pie, possibly rhubarb and apple. And, even more specifically, about the lady who baked the pie.

Let me explain.

I recently realised that, despite my plans to roam the lands of Middle-Earth and discover exciting new places, I had spent the last 8 months in Bree. What with playing with The Andune Ensemble and enjoying the lively action in The Prancing Pony of an evening, time had just passed me by. Well, life is comfortable at the moment, the only danger round here  being the risk of getting trampled by a frenzied goat escaping from Beorbrand.

The only thing that grated a little was staying in a poky room at the Pony. As well as being constrained, I was finding Butterbur’s cooking to be, shall we say, limited. Plus, I was always at risk from being seen with that bald dude with the pink hotpants and flowered headband, something I decided was not good for my reputation.

So, I decided to buy a house at the Bree Homestead. 4 Garden Street to be specific, an idyllic spot with it’s own fishing stream.

Now, this is where it gets interesting.

I explored the new neighbourhood and discovered that Cennwyn also had a house here. For those that don’t know, Cennwyn is a band mate that I have recently taken to thinking about a lot. That is, she seems to be invading my thoughts at unguarded moments. In an appropriate manner of course!

Anyway, I was checking out her fine house when I noticed that there was a fresh-baked pie on the windowsill. Oh my, it did smell good. I looked around and there didn’t seem to be anyone about so I gave serious thought to liberating said pie. But what if she caught me? That would be too embarrassing. Would she speak to me again or give my theorbo those sly little glances I had noticed her doing? Time for a proper think.

I went back to my house and dug out my old fishing rod then settled in my back garden for a contemplate. I didn’t bother baiting the hook, I wasn’t interested in catching any cold slimy fish. That would spoil the mood.

 I realised that I didn’t know a thing about Cennwyn other than that she liked music. What did she like? I hadn’t seen her walking about the town or had a proper conversation with her. Would she even like a Gondor educated Haradhrim? Did she even like men; who knows these days. Oh Sweet Eru, had she been with Aegthil!

Banish that image swiftly and get back to the pie. Any lady that baked a pie like that had to be a fine lady, surely. And, thinking about it, her house was bigger than mine so a lady of substance as well. More and more intriguing. I think I need to find out more, ask around in Bree. Yes, that’s it, a little research is needed. In the meantime, I’m just going to lie back and daydream of that pie.

And the lady who baked it.


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Lotro player, Medieval history student, geek
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One Response to The Pie

  1. cennwyn says:

    I must absolutely take a moment to set at least part of the record straight: I have not, nor have ever been, nor by the grace of the Valar ever will be, with Aegthil.

    As for knowing more about the lady, good sir…why, you could always ask her 😉

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