Weatherstock Concert Series – June 2/3

We are now underway with our Weatherstock pre concerts. These allow our competing bands the chance for a longer concert to show Landroval just what they can do before the serious business of the competition.

This weekend has a packed schedule.

  • June 2nd – 1pm (Eastern time, 6pm UK time) – Don’t Tempt Me Frodo
  • June 2nd – 4pm – The Somgburrow Strollers
  • June 2nd – 6pm – Andunie
  • June 3rd – 4pm – Symphonious

First up is the wonderfully named Don’t Tempt Me Frodo, from Silverlode. I can tell you that this band is full of surprises and I can’t wait to see their set.

Next we have The Songburrow Strollers from Laurelin, normally led by Simbo Rumblebelly (great name). However he is indisposed for the concert (probably indigestion from too many biscuits) so The Strollers will be led by my favourite lyricist Lina Willowwood. This band was responsible for the Bywater Bouncing Song that featured so strongly at last year’s Weatherstock.

Andunie is next; they play on Laurelin and Landroval and are led by the much respected Makalaure.

Finally this weekend, we have Symphonious from Crickhollow. They have a slot immediately following a regular concert by the infamous and degenerate BBB – hopefully BBB will stick around to see how a proper band performs (just kidding guys, don’t sack me).


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