Spring Racing Carnival

The range and quality of the player organised events in Lotro never ceases to amaze me; Weatherstock is the prime example and last year’s event had over 600 participants. Our planning for the 2012 Weatherstock (June 16th) has already started and it will be a “do not miss” event.

And now we have another event that has been quietly growing and this year will be hitting the big time I feel. This is the Spring Racing Carnival – the culmination of a series of horse races, brilliantly organised by Kiralynn of Landroval. The finale takes place this coming Friday and Saturday with the final race, The Bree Cup, having a prize of 100 gold to the winner. Geoffroi will be there participating in the musical entertainment. Everyone is welcome so I hope you can join us for, at least, some of the festivities.

No need to go into details here; I shall just point you to The Windy Acres Ranch where you can get all the information you need. To wet your appetite here is a promotional video.



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