Now THIS is what I call a Band

21 musicians in the band, oh yeah, that’s the way to do it.

The Mega Band

The Lonely Mountain Band celebrated its 4th Anniversary on April 1st and as part of the celebrations we held TAFDLMB4AMCOWTAEBBB: The April Fool’s Day Lonely Mountain Band 4th Anniversary Mega Concert featuring Old Winyards, The Andune Ensemble, and Bards, Beers & LongBeards!

3 Bands and a megaband provided the musical backdrop to an event of ales, pipeweed, pies and fireworks – hundreds of them!

First up was Old Winyards playing:

  • Swordsman of the Sky
  • Song of Durin’s Awakening
  • Teleri
  • Let Us Sing Together

Old Winyards

Next we The Andune Ensemble playing:

  • Magical World
  • Farewell To Nova Scotia
  • The West Coast of Clare
  • Classical Gas

The Andune Ensemble

Then Bards, Beers and Longbeards played:

  • Drunken Lullabies
  • Pinar del Rio
  • Skalds & Shadows
  • The Biographer

Bards, Beers and Longbeards

Finally the Mega Band played:

  • Baba Yetu
  • Mondtanz
  • The Lonely Mountain Band Anthem


Of course the concert was only part of the celebrations with many activities and games organised. Everyone enjoys battling the Orcs armed with only a frying pan or a pitchfork – critical hit for 9 damage, that’s a blow the Orc won’t forget in a hurry!

What else? We gathered at our kinhouse for music and dancing (of course!), a fashion show, synchronized smoke rings, and a scavenger hunt.

On Wednesday, April 4, starting at 2pm EDT, we will gather in each of our kin neighborhoods in turn to visit our various alt-kinhouse taverns and enjoy more block party games such as a fishing contest, hide and seek, and synchronized fireworks.

And then an Anniversary Horse Race.

Throughout there will be a Tour of Homes with voting on the best decorated.

All quite exhausting!


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3 Responses to Now THIS is what I call a Band

  1. Merrydew says:

    AWWWWW PICKLES!!! I missed all the FUN!!!!!! Gonna go pout in a corner now… ok, all done.

    Happy Anniversary To All Of You!!!!!!!

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