Feels around for the knife in his back

It’s always nice to receive praise and gain some fame. This week, The Andune Ensemble played it’s third concert and a splendid time was had by all in spite of rumours of a gold rush in the Gondamon region.

I was delighted to see in the audience the reporter from The Landroval Times, Dori Bolger-Etal, and he was kind enough to give us a favourable review. Normally I ignore professional critics but Dori was dancing with the rest of the crowd rather than standing aloof.

I was also delighted to see those two notables Casinthelion and Locney. And mention must be made of the delightful Sarasti especially after her wardrobe malfunction – that certainly made this musician blow his horn a little harder! It was noted that several “gentlemen” seemed very interested in the contents of Sarasti’s trousers.

And now, I have just read the Sunday edition of The Landroval Times where the hack, Aegthil of Gondor, said

The other major Celebrity news is the rise of Bree’s latest megaband, The Andune Ensemble. Rising from anonymity to stardom in little over a week, this band has rapidly become one of the brightest stars in the Celebrity firmament. A phenomenal story of rags to riches, to warm the coldest heart.

We at the Landroval Times wish the Andune Ensemble the very best, and we encourage them to avoid, on the one hand, the Scylla of loose women (or men), while, on the other hand, steering clear of the Charybdis of the demon drink.

For although we all know how wine, women and song is a match made in heaven, yet do we realise that not all such heavenly matches end for the best. The inebriated gutter is, for some, the denouement. Geoffroi, of course, is mostly already there

Ah praise indeed! But somehow, when I receive praise from Aegthil I have this feeling that I need to check my back to see if a knife is about to be inserted and twisted.

But wait, what’s this last sentence mean? I rather think that Aegthil is implying that I am some sort of drunkard. Look, 15 flagons of Blind Troll Stout do not a drunkard make; in fact it is a requirement before you can make a bagpipe sound good (at least to your own ears). And anyway, its hard to get into the gutters of Bree, too many people there already.

Anyway, all praise to my wonderful bandmates – Anthemisi, Floradine, Kiralynn, Cennwyn and Rosalila who performed so wonderfully well. Will they do even better next week – join us and see.

Getting ready to play

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3 Responses to Feels around for the knife in his back

  1. Aegthil says:

    Careful when you sit down, Geoffroi. I can see the hilt…

  2. Can’t hear the music but I love the blue outfits! Not all the same yet very well matched. You obviously found a great wardrobe coach.

  3. Keligamer says:

    Why thank you Hymne. Praise from you is praise indeed. I wish we did have a wardrobe coach but the truth is I just picked a male and female outfit that was easily obtainable by all levels and chose a colour. The band are free to personalise and accessorize as they choose.

    Why not roll a baby hobbit on Landroval and visit us in Bree on Mondays at 15:00 Eastern. We are the best UK, German, Turkish and US band you ever saw 🙂

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