We like to eat pies not wear them!

Well, there is a new band in town with The Andune Ensemble playing their inaugural concert earlier this week.

The band was formed with the idea of covering the US afternoon population and particular for the evening European crowd. Lonely Mountain Band is becoming a true 24 hour Kin and we have an increasing number of European members as well as a healthy daytime US membership. So we are starting to schedule more events to cover this happy situation.

Goodness me, its hard work organising a band! No complaints though, the results were worth it and I think we all got a great deal of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment when we finally played.

So, the band members are Anthemisi, Cennwyn, Floradine, Finliras, Kiralynn, Rosalila and Geoffroi. We have another band member but she is yet to join us being on vacation in Moria or somewhere.

We have 4 hobbits who do all the hard work and two lovely Elf Maidens who are there to give Geoffroi something to focus on. OK, they play too but Geoffroi is keen to explore any further talents they may have. No luck so far and he is worried that even the hobbits are starting to look good; something that can only result in a visit from The Bounders and a spell in some dank hobbit hole with bars on the doors.

Geoffroi inches a little closer to Cennwyn

Sorry, drifted there, where was I? Oh yes, the band will be playing regularly on Mondays, usually at 15:00 EST (20:00 GMT) and all are welcome to come along and cheer, dance, smoke pipeweed, throw money and give us pies. Don’t throw the pies though, we like to eat pies not wear them!

Our next concert is on 23 January at the earlier time of 14:00 EST at Thorin’s Hall. This is because we are playing at the Windy Acres Ranch Winter Derby that takes place at 15:00 (details here). Well worth entering with a prize of 1600 Turbine Points.

Oh, I just heard that someone has made a bootleg of the concert. Well any publicity is good so here is a link if you fancy a listen to some great tunes.


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3 Responses to We like to eat pies not wear them!

  1. The Beard says:

    Goodness, take the pies any way you can get them and shut your piehole!

    Congrats on getting this worthy venture off the ground! Huzzah!

    B.B., the Beard

  2. I’m sorry to hear you re not having the same successes with the ladies as Aegthil.

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