/OOC Reflecting on my Lotro year

Well, here I am still wasting my time playing a game. And Lotro is my favourite waste of time.

I can’t say that I’ve been happy with the way Turbine have taken aspects of the game this year (to be honest since the introduction of F2P) but I understand that they are a business and if this means that the game survives then so be it. Frankly, the thought of there being no Lotro to play fills me with terror!

There have been good things – the Rise of Isengard expansion was, by and large, a good thing and it was nice to see the Epic Book quests return to a solid storyline. I really enjoyed doing those quests and look forward to the next chapter(s). But so many new outfits introduced meant many points spent in expanding the wardrobe. What do you mean, I don’t need to have so many cosmetics, are you crazy?

The other big thing for me this year was establishing a second home on Landroval.

Now, I still play on Evernight and am still a member of a very wonderful Kin (The Order of Gilthoniel aka The Older Gamers). But something was missing. Evernight is not a server that is big on events; in fact they are less than small on such things. There is virtually no social interaction or player arranged events, especially music related. And that is something that I wanted to experience. So, following my attendance at Weatherstock in June, I resolved to roll a character on Landroval.

So I did, and I joined The Lonely Mountain Band, organisers of many server wide (and cross-server) events. And what a wonderful time I’ve had, they are simply an astonshing Kin. There are problems of course, the different time zones being the major issue. Most Landroval players are US based though I have noticed a growing number of European players and players from Asia/Oceania. However, Landroval seems to be pretty busy at all hours of the day.

One of the reasons for setting up a second home was to explore the music side of Lotro. Now, before I moved, I knew nothing about it other than I could download an ABC and play it. But playing covers of, say, Led Zeppelin didn’t really cut it with my vision of Lotro. So, I wanted to learn how to create my own music. And Lonely Mountain Band opened my ears to genres, bands and singers that I hadn’t really paid too much attention to before.

This is where the Bards, Beers and Longbeards (BBB) enter the story. A rabble-rousing band playing a lot of music of loosely Gaelic origin (which I love), I got to play with them and more importantly started to learn from them. I can’t write raw ABC to save my life in the way that Aegthil can (and others in LMB of course) but I have learned the intricacies of breaking down midi files, remixing and assigning new instrumentation and then converting to ABCs. In fact, I think I may have reached a moderate level of competence now. My thanks to Beorbrand for inspiring and helping me.

And now BBB are in the movie business too – what a lot fun it is making those videos (though not for Aegthil who has to do the editing. Serves him right for wearing a pink robe  haha).

I had never realised that many of the members of the Lonely Mountain Band were real musicians, playing concerts and releasing CDs. Much of the work is dedicated to charitable causes and a highlight this year was The Fellowship Walk which raised thousands of dollars for a good cause. Nice to be part of such a community.

So, what next. Well, all being well, I will still be playing on Evernight in a years time and all my friends there will still be playing – they are a great bunch. And I will also continue on Landroval. In fact, I am starting my own band to play in the European peak evening period (US daytime) and we hope to have a new weekly event to link with this. I thought this would be easy but it’s a bit more complicated than I thought – but I am almost there now so look out for announcements.

To my European friends – keep playing on Evernight of course but why not roll a character on Landroval to attend an event or two; we would welcome you with open arms. Join the band if you want 🙂

To my friends on Landroval and especially The Lonely Mountain Band – thank you for having me in your community, its been a blast.

To readers of this blog – thank you for reading. Right now, I have 11,500 hits – many blogs have a lot more but that is a lot more than I expected!

I hope your Lotro year has been fun and that 2012 is equally rewarding.

Festive greetings to you all from Keli, Geoffroi, Kellion, Snoring, Seolferwulf, Twobeers………


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9 Responses to /OOC Reflecting on my Lotro year

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  2. Camara says:

    Indeed! Come visit us! Uh, just be sure to stand upwind of Aegthil and Beor…

  3. Hobbit and Redhead says:

    Fabulous post – thanks!

  4. Aldekim says:

    Well said friend!

  5. Tinki says:

    A better kinnie one could not ask for! I hope you make Lonely Mountain Band a true 24 hour presence.

  6. Carica says:

    Awww, love you too, Keli!
    Funny thing is, I started playing LotRO because it was F2P, but ended up subscribing monthly anyway XD

  7. Harperella says:

    Eru bless us, every one!


  8. Birko says:

    A game is a game, and you enjoy it at will. A game that creates a community is special. LMB and Keli are the diamonds, as well as the devs.
    +carats to you all

  9. Pingback: Reflecting on my Lotro year | My Middle-earth

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