Calling all Dwarves

Well, my friends, it’s been a while since I spoke to you. I have been busy though arranging several new music pieces (all utterly brilliant of course) though most of my time has been spent helping my dwarven friend Kellori Kegdrainer prepare himself for the Invasion of Goblin Town.

What’s that all about, I hear you think. Well, the notorious and degenerate BBB Band are about to shoot another moving picture. Following our earlier successes, budgets have been increased as have the ambitions of Aegthil and Beorbrand. They have decided in their wisdom (hahahahahaha) that it would be quite the adventure to take a bunch of low level dwarves and give Goblin Town a right good seeing-to. And, of course, they seem to have conned me again into joining in with Kellori. Pshaw, all I want to do is play music, not get involved with smelly goblins.

Anyway, you too can join in and die horribly; here’s what our so called leaders have to say on the subject:

BBB is hiring dorfs for our next moving picture. We need as many as possible, for a battle scene.

1. Saturday, 3rd of December, at 1 pm Eastern time (6 pm UK). Will take 2 hours, I’m guessing.

2. Meet at West Bree, Landroval server.

3. Over level 25 would be the best, if possible. But lower level dorfs would be workable, too.

4. BBB is giving 500 silver each to the first 20 dorfs over level 25 that show up, and 100 silver each to the first 10 dorfs under level 25 that show up.

5. We are also having a draw for a spot prize of 10 gold (random drawing at the end of the filming).

6. Wear armour. Of any kind. Cheap, expensive, leather, plate, whatever. And bring a sharp pointy thing. You’ll need it.

Get out your alts. Roll that dorf you’ve been pining for. Come along and party with BBB. Be part of film history.

So come along and join us, let’s lag Goblin Town to death.

Bring bagpipes if you can!


About Keligamer

Lotro player, Medieval history student, geek
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