Seolferwulf Defeated

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Seolferwulf has finally been defeated at Level 41.

It came about on the cliffs overlooking the entrance to Annunimas where Seolferwulf lost her footing and plunged to the road below. She was found by the Wardens of Annunimas and after some initial care, she has been taken to Rivendell. She has multiple injuries and lies in a coma but it is to be hoped that Elrond and the healers of Rivendell will eventually be able to effect a full recovery.

I shall remain in Rivendell to care for her and hope, in time, to bring more pleasing news.

Keli (Seolferwulf’s Great Aunt)


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5 Responses to Seolferwulf Defeated

  1. Eregond says:

    Actually I have been told that early in the development of Lotro they had plans that every death in game was a permadeath so if u died in the game you had to make a new character. I am glad it did not happend. Would have been insane to start all over again every time you died.

  2. Keligamer says:

    Yes, that was the way of it back then – Everquest2 was similar except you had a chance to recover your corpse. Interesting that Wizardry Online (beta in Japan) is going back to perma-death.

  3. Odobald Oddburrow says:


  4. Geldarion says:

    Good job making it that far! That is an understandable way to die. You can still say that she is undefeated in battle!

  5. Scott says:

    That’s an impressive feat; I got “The Undying” title and just quit caring after that. In all fairness, unless you had access to a good fellowship you’d have likely met your end at least once doing quests in Annunimas.

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