In which Aegthil disgraces himself

Well now, just finished playing with BBB at the Fellowship Walk Party and who would have thought such an event could have led to such scenes.

The odious Aegthil was at the centre of it all, of course. He had the temerity, the absolute bare faced cheek to say, and I can hardly bring myself to repeat it, that “Lenni looked fat in her dress”. He was promptly fired from the Old Winyards band causing Beorbrand and me to explode with laughter. Later she relented a bit and let him play but she made him play what looked like a long carrot, oh how we laughed.

He had caused a bit of trouble earlier. I was standing behind the lovely Lady Wrenaya with the tip of my horn in touching distance when suddenly Aegthil thrust the neck of his theorbo between us. I gather he was jealous as he clearly has some designs upon the lovely lady himself. Sadly for him, I noticed Beorbrand dancing with Wrenaya later so it looks like His Beardiness struck lucky there.

Anyway, my real beef with Aegthil came later when he had the temerity to criticise my hat. Good grief, at least I have a hat whereas he walks around hatless showing off the hole in his haircut. Not a pretty sight.

From back right, with lovely hair is me, then Aegthil and his thrusting theorbo and then His Beardiness, Beorbrand

Anyway, the event was great fun apart from having to listen to speeches from Goldenstar, we could have fitted another jig in there! And we went off into the night knowing that lots of baby bobbits have been helped by everyone supporting the Fellowship Walk.


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3 Responses to In which Aegthil disgraces himself

  1. Aegthil says:

    Pfft. It was a CLARINET! A CLARINET! Not a carrot. And your hat is a vile fashion obscenity.


  2. The Beard says:

    His Beardiness strikes everywhere! I don’t know why people act surprised.

    Aegthil does not realize that everyone does not enjoy being flashed by his bald skull. I think he enjoys it a bit too much, to tell you the truth. He’s an exhibitionist with that skull of his. Explains why he plays such a big theorbo.

    Lenni told him it was a clarinet and he believed her! Can you believe he fell for it?

    ~Beor, The Beardiness

  3. Carica says:

    And while he was fired, I became Lenn’s right hand hobbit and took a full time position!

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