I’m with the Band

Well, my friends, all my hard work playing at The Prancing Pony has finally paid off as my extraordinary talent has been recognised. This week I was asked to play with the Bards, Beers and Longbeards (BBB) band. Yes, I know that their name should be BBL but it seems brains are not the strong point of the band leaders!

My joy was somewhat tempered when I discovered they wanted me to play drums. Of course, I can play any instrument but I am the greatest lute player this part of the world has ever seen so they are somewhat wasting my talent. Ah well, their loss and even my drumming will greatly enhance their output.

So, who was playing in this fine band. We had Harparzilla, Maegy, Tarn, that most bobbity of hobbits Carica, Blingamerrydo and myself. And then, we had Aegthil and Beorbrand. What can I say about these bickering buffoons? Oh, I’m not insulting them (much) by calling them buffoons, they will probably treat it as a compliment. But, oh my, they do go on, Arrogant Aegthil and Boastful Beorbrand. But they do have talent.

Your hero is at back right

Aegthil is a maestro on the theorbo while Beorbrand is full of wind. No really he is, he plays the bagpipes. They profess to hate each other but in reality they seem to me to be symbiotic, each brings out the worst but also the best in each other. Of course, they argue so much that they fail to see that a great musician has arrived among them and a more handsome one too.

Well, we had a blast playing a number of fine tunes that soon got the crowd dancing. Notable was a lovely blue-hooded elf called Terena; she was soon the object of Aegthil and Beorbrand’s attention. However, it seemed that she was keeping her options open and I’m sure I saw her leaving afterwards with another.

Also notable amongst the dancers was Quickfinger. I can’t tell you here what Harparzilla said about the origin of his name but it would have made Madame Celestine blush!

After the formal concert, we had quite the party. Maegy and I entertained the crowd on Bagpipes and Lute whilst Beorbrand was leading the dancers. I might add that Beorbrand was very generous with the ales; one he gave me was so powerful it promptly floored me. Hmm, I suspect sabotage, he is clearly worried about the competition.

And talking of generosity, who is the mysterious Aunty that sent me the magnificent pipeweed. A very fine smoke indeed!

All joking aside, it was a privilege to play with such fine musicians and composers.


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6 Responses to I’m with the Band

  1. Wow, who designed your band outfits? You all look smashing! Of course you look especially handsome… much more so than the bold guy with the theorbo… 😛

  2. The Beard says:

    The B.B.B. was most happy to have you along to share your notable talents, though Beor is here grumbling someting about it taking a pompous buffoon to know one. The uniforms came from the Lady Wrenaya of L.O.T.R.O. Musings literally for a song.

    May I beg a name change for Harper in your post? It was not the Harper we know and love as our glorious leader but a vile and wretched clone (Harparzilla) filling in on lute and having a bit of fun at everyone’s expense. I would not want anyone to think foul of the real and most upstanding Harper.

    ~Beorbrand’s Pet Biographer

  3. Aegthil says:

    Poor Terena. She really missed out on a wonderful opportunity there. And as for that silly person who writes as Cosmetic Lotro, well….. enough said. What an appalling lack of taste.

    It was certainly a pleasure having you in the band, Geoffoi, most particularly as you make me look especially handsome. Not hard to do, I suppose.

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