The Way of Kings

I have spent the last few weeks admiring the view towards Annuminas and now it seems I will get to see it close up. I’m not sure this will be a good thing as everyone tells me of the extreme dangers there. Anyway, I was directed to Nimbellas to receive instructions who told me he was glad of some aid.

“We have been trying to do all that we can down here, but with every move we make, our enemies are already there waiting for us. I have discovered why, but we just have not had the numbers to do anything about it. Not long after you helped free Rantost, several boats landed on the shore here. I watched a meeting between the newly-arrived tomb-robbers and the forces of Angmar. Afterwards, the robbers headed up into the hills, and the Angmarim resumed their search.

I can only fathom that an accord was struck. The tomb-robbers would spy for Angmar and report on our movements from above. In return, Angmar would give the robbers any relics from the city that they did not want.

Some people go through life never changing, always repeating the same mistakes and errors time and time again. It seems the tomb-robbers here in Evendim are no different.

After Rantost, the few that remained and fled had a choice to make: a defining moment in their lives. They could have returned to Ost Forod and started to live honourable lives again. Most sailed south instead.

They have come here, made bargains with an enemy they cannot fathom, and have returned to their old ways. While they use Tham Sarch to signal the Angmarim below, they are also stripping it bare. They have had their chances and moments and defied them all. They have been judged, and it is time they accept their sentence.

If we are to move forward into the Way of Kings, the ancient burial ground of our ancestors’ rulers, our actions must be shrouded to the Enemy. For that to happen, we must empty the hills and claim them for ourselves.”

I was given several tasks to hinder the enemy – first, to capture as many of their weapons, particular their bows, as I could. Second, to capture or destroy the signalling mirrors and cut their communication.

And, of course, to kill as many as I could in ‘Tham Sarch and Tham Laegamon.

There have also been worries over a third ruin: Arthobel. Apparently, the tower that stands there  makes for a very strategic position as you could clearly see over the Way of Kings below you, watch the waters of the Baranduin to the south-east, and on a clear day, see Tinnudir. Nimbellas said

“Last I remember, the heavy doors to that place were sealed tight, and none had been within in many years. I ask you to venture to the south-west, up into the hills, to the entrance and look around to see if you notice any recent activity there.”

The approach to Annuminas

Well, this is going to keep me busy for a while and yet it is necessary work before I can reach the Ranger’s encampment in Annunimas itself. And the first task is to actually find these ruins. A casual glance will show that you can swim or take a boat towards Annuminas and, in fact, a boat to Men Erain is what I took. I then discovered that the ruins that guarded the entrance to Annunimas were set up into the cliffs above so I had to ride out and around before I could climb above and gain access. By now it was night so I decided to camp and wait for the dawn.

The main ruin guarding the Way of Kings


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