Geoffroi – Introduction

My name is Geoffroi of Gondor and I am a troubadour. Or, as many folks in these parts prefer, a minstrel. Either word is fine as both describe someone who relates stories, songs, poems and so forth. In my case, I am travelling the lands of Middle-Earth in search of knowledge as my life experiences are limited to Gondor so far.

I say I am from Gondor but this is only partly true. I have lived there all my life but I do not believe I am a native. I was abandoned as a baby (and there’s a tale I would love to tell) and raised in Gondor. However, my appearance is not typical of these parts and I believe that my parents were from the lands to the south known as Harad. I will tell you more of Harad in a later tale.

I think my destiny was set for me. As I said I was abandoned and the only thing that was found in the basket with me was a beautiful, silver-inlaid harp. Perhaps my parents intended that it be sold to help pay for my upkeep? However, the doorstep where I was abandoned belonged to a relatively wealthy merchant and they kept the harp.  In fact, I have it now and always play it each day, although I use a lute for most public performances.

Well, I was raised well and given a good education. I was not always happy though as I was often bullied by the other children because of my swarthy looks. Clearly, I was not one of them. But I am well built and athletic and gave a reasonable account of myself. They say such things are character forming; perhaps so.

So here I am, beginning my journey. Now, you would think that I would start in Gondor and slowly make my way from there. Not me! I wanted to immediately immerse myself in the unfamiliar and so resolved to start as far away as possible. In short, I travelled as swiftly as possible using any means I could to a small town called Bree that, I assumed, lay at the ends of the earth. I was wrong in this of course but more of that later. My idea now is to slowly make my way back towards Gondor although I recognise that this may take many years.

I have now arrived in Bree and am seeking an Inn for the night. I will write again when I am settled.


Geoffroi of Gondor
The Lonely Mountain Band
Landroval Server

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