/OOC Seolferwulf: End of the Immersion Project (but not the blog)

So, the headline news is that I am going to discontinue the Immersion Project although I will continue to blog the adventures of Seolferwulf, as long as people carry on reading.

What’s brought this on? A number of factors:

1) As I reach the medium levels, it is becoming more difficult to follow the strict rules that I set myself. Frankly, Lotro is not a “sandbox” world where you can roam freely at your own pace whilst realistically having adventures where you choose. That is not intended to be a criticism of Lotro; most games now use the same quest hub, fast travel system where you are encouraged to follow a particular path. In fact Lotro has become better than most games in that there are always alternative quest locations to explore. But it does become harder the higher you level.

Probably the only real “sandbox” game recently was the first iterations of Vanguard where you truly could run this type of project. You could go literally anywhere regardless of level (though you might die of course), there were no zones and you could start at one point on the world and walk round the globe to arrive back where you started. That soon changed of course!

2) In particular, travel in a realistic sense is proving a real burden. For example, the Epic Book quests take you back and forwards; to undertake that travel as I originally envisaged would mean spending an unreasonable amount travelling and very little time adventuring.

3) The strain of trying to not be killed is becoming a burden, and limiting my gameplay. Up to now (level 35) it hasn’t really been a problem but I don’t fancy doing the remaining levels on the same basis. There are instances to experience which need fellowships and the liklehood of dying rises dramatically. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve proved a point (at least to myself) by reaching 35 Undefeated. Now, frankly, I don’t care and find myself constantly eyeing cliff edges and thinking of ending it all.

4) Actually, death is inevitable if I follow the Book quests (which was always my intention) as there is an enforced death in one of the chapters. And, I said, that if I died I would delete the character. So, I would like to continue with the character (and the blog) so let’s end the project before I die.

I hope you will all continue reading and I will try to think up a mix of nice stories. And there are still many in the Kin who have not yet met Seolferwulf and been given their 15 minutes of fame. Don’t be shy 🙂


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4 Responses to /OOC Seolferwulf: End of the Immersion Project (but not the blog)

  1. suzita says:

    I’m glad to hear she is no longer in danger of being deleted! I enjoy reading your adventures so I am glad you are continuing 🙂

  2. Babs says:

    Glad to hear that death is no longer a problem – Beetlehead needs your assistance in Annuminas.
    He’s far too squishy to try it alone!!

    Stardom has also gone to his head & he wants more pictures featuring himself published 🙂

  3. Geldarion says:

    I have enjoyed the immersion project, but I think you are an entertaining writer, so whatever you do, I will read!


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