Great Aunt Keli

After completing all my tasks at the High Crossing, I was directed to Tinnudir. There I was to report at what turned out to be a large encampment or Wardens and Rangers. It was a short journey with just the odd Tomb Robber to take care of on the way.

Tinnudir was old and falling into ruin but the setting was beautiful right by the side of an enormous lake, so big I could not see the other side. Before reporting in, I took a walk along the shore to stretch my legs. And I am so glad I did.

To my astonishment, I saw a lady fishing by the shore and it seemed to me that the figure resembled my Great Aunt Keli. I approached cautiously, not wishing to make a fool of myself but as I drew closer I saw it was indeed her. As you will remember from the beginning of this journal, my main goal in coming to this part of Middle-Earth was to find her, a great friend of our family. And here she was at last.

I introduced myself and she seemed to recognise me straightaway.

“Seolferwulf, is that really you, you are so grown up now and, if I may say so, you look mighty fierce. Last time I saw you was when you were but a child. Oh my, it makes me feel so old.

Give me a few minutes to change out of these smelly old fishing clothes and we will sit and talk”

Off she went and, sure enough, after a few minutes she returned, now in a beautiful dress. I don’t even possess such a garment yet she seemed to carry one about so as to be ready for any occasion! Well, anyway, we sat and talked.

“So tell me dear girl” she said “what adventures have you had. It must have been quite the journey to find me”

And so I related my adventures, told her of helping the Rangers and of the lovely people who had helped me on the way. She did laugh though when I mentioned Twobeers and Nutkin.

“Oh no, not those two rascals. Twobeers on his own can be, errm, interesting but put together with Nutkin and anything can happen. Nutkin is incorrigible. Let me tell you when I last saw them. It was just 2 weeks ago and I had arrived in Michel Delving. As it was mid morning, I thought to stop for a cup of tea and perhaps a second breakfast. Some honey cakes perhaps.

So I made my way to the Inn and took a table outside in the sun. But my gaze was immediately attracted to a commotion at one of the other tables. Now, bear in mind, it was only mid morning but there was Twobeers and Nutkin dancing on one of the tables. And, for some unholy reason, they were both wearing dresses! I ask you, what manner of mischief is that?

Later that day, I passed by the Inn again and the pair of them were passed out in the middle of the yard. Disgraceful! I don’t understand it myself, whats wrong with a nice cup of tea and a sitdown? Ha, they call me Lady of Streams, perhaps it should be Lady Who Teas”

Well, there was much more talk over the course of the day. But Keli also had advice. When I told her that I was making my way over the land alone (and going into battle alone) she said

“My dear, are you sure that’s altogether wise. If you are following and helping the Rangers then I have to tell you, you will soon be going into some very dangerous places. Angmar, for example, is no place for the sole warrior. You will need help, believe me. I can give you some equipment and the like but, really, what you really need is travelling companions”

I promised her I would consider her words and that I would seek help from the Kin members. Even Twobeers and Nutkin!

And so we parted, but with an arrangement made to meet in Rivendell where she spent most of her days now.


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4 Responses to Great Aunt Keli

  1. Osdor says:

    They meet at last!

    And dwarves in dresses – that’s just wrong 🙂

    Still loving this series, Keli!

    • Keligamer says:

      I fail to see the problem with dwarves in dresses! Twobeers often tanks in a dress especially if its a tough boss and he/she needs an edge. On the other hand, I think it can be quite traumatic for the rest of the fellowship 🙂

  2. Odobald Oddburrow (Laurelin) says:

    Well… are you sure Twobeers isn’t a female dwarf?

  3. Hollyberye says:

    1. Had no idea Seolferwulf was a lass, let alone a small one
    2. I think I have an infatuation for Twobeers now
    3. Never met Nutkin before!!!
    4. Absolutely love this entry 😀

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