The Colossus of Evendim

I had the good fortune to meet up with three fellow kinmates while I was in Oatbarton – Tad, Eilidh and Nutkin. They told me that they were on their way to King’s Crossing to lend aid to the Rangers stationed there. As I was planning to explore in that direction, I joined them.

When we reached the great bridge at King’s Crossing, we met a man called Sardan who requested our aid:

“On the bluff above us is a ballista that Angmar brought along on its way to the city. We managed to damage it enough that they left it behind, and now we intend to repair it and use it ourselves.

‘It certainly won’t reach Annúminas, but that is not our goal. We wish to use it to fling ropes over the colossus. That will allow us to climb and begin repairing the areas we cannot currently reach.

Search the debris scattered along the banks of the river and see if you can find anything that we can use to help repair the ballista”.

Off we went, exploring the flotsam and jetsam of the riverbank. Soon we had gathered several bundles of rope, some pieces of driftwood, a few small flywheels, and a couple of pouches of oil. As instructed, we took these to Cudhaer at the ballista.

“Thank you, friends. ‘I am going to begin repairing the ballista. This is going to take me some time, for while you have gathered the correct parts, they will need some adjustments in order to fit properly.

This is going to be a loud process, and I recently saw some scouts searching through the stands of trees surrounding us. If they were to find us, they would quickly overrun this bluff and destroy the ballista. This is something we cannot afford.

Head out into the trees south east and south west of here and flush the scouts out so we can be sure this position is secure”.

This was very much to Nutkin’s liking and he took his usual subtle approach – run through the area shouting loudly to attract the attention of any enemies. He reasoned that it would be less work if we made them all come to us, just to save time. Hmmm. I was glad I had the powerful aid of Tad and Eilidh to protect me. Still, the task was easily accomplished and we returned to Sardan to let him know that the area was secure.

“Thanks to your aid, the ropes have been strung, and we are able to reach new places on the Colossus in need of repair. But that is a task we can handle ourselves.

For you, a treat…a vision I doubt like any you have seen before. Use the rope behind me and ascend to the peak of the Colossus. Once you are up there make sure to look around and enjoy the view”.

Wow, what a view. I’m not going to waste words trying to describe it but instead here are the pictures I sketched. If you ever have the chance, do go and make the climb yourselves.


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