/OOC – Level 30 – Now there’s a surprise

Well, I didn’t think I would ever be writing this! I have never reached level 20 undefeated on any previous character yet here I am at level 30 undefeated. Considering that my play style is charge straight in, this comes as a surprise.

Seolferwulf has been close to being defeated though, mighty close. One fight, I was left with 12 morale; if there had been a DoT on me that would have been the end.

Of course, I have reined in my instincts a bit. Generally I solo with a few fellowships thrown in. But I have avoided, for example, a pick-up group in any Barrow Downs instances – I really don’t want to leave so much at stake to strangers. To reiterate, if this character is defeated, it is deleted!

Levelling is slow, the account is currently Premium which means no bonus xp. I have also had to earn the Turbine Points to buy any new zones. So far, I have bought North Downs but I have not paid fo any extra skirmishes – this does limit levelling a bit. Lone Lands is largely complete now and I need to base myself in Esteldin now. When the revamp of Evandim is released I shall buy that zone.

As I said, I never thought I would reach level 30. Having done so, I see no reason why level 50 is not achievable. Angmar scares me a bit though and it will be needed if I follow the Epic Book quests. But I think I will avoid much of it; I can do Evendim and Misty Mountains (with some Trollshaws) until 45 and then gradually migrate into Eregion. That could potentially take me to about level 55.

The danger in Moria for me is a falling death – I have fallen many times in Moria on previous characters 🙂 But that is a long way off and I will worry about it if I ever get there.

As I progress in the Epic Book quest I will have to use swift travel more. It goes against my instincts but I think I will have to relax my rigorous travelling rules I think – anyone who has done the last few chapters of Volume 1 will know exactly what I mean!

Money is still very tight as I have disallowed all twinking but its not a real problem.

I’m still a complete amateur at playing warden but the character’s surviveability is awesome to the point of being overpowered. For once, I’m not complaining!

One thing I do find difficult is finding topics for blogging. You will have noticed that I have resorted to the Epic Book quests and tried to narrate them a bit. I think I need to meet more kinmates and develop some stories for them. But it is a chore sometimes.

Well, I hope to see you all at level 40 – touch wood and crosses fingers.


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7 Responses to /OOC – Level 30 – Now there’s a surprise

  1. vr00mfondel says:

    Staying alive with a Warden when it comes to combat isn’t all that hard. It’s the falling deaths you have to be careful with.

    Just make sure you got a lot of vitality regardless of level and I wouldn’t be surprised to see you hit cap undefeated!

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  3. Hobbit and Redhead says:

    Good job! Dittos @vr00mfondel on Warden … they are my most survivable characters (though I have never made it to 30 undefeated with anyone). Obviously as soloers they are nonpareil, but as they level up they contribute more and more to fellowships.

    I hope you plan to dip your toes into the Moors!


  4. vr00mfondel says:

    I do think you might be missing out on some of the fun with the Warden in this way though.

    I’ve always loved to push the limits with my Warden, to see how many mobs I can hold and stay alive, or what 3-man instances or fellowship areas I can solo. It’s great fun, but it means you’re going to die a few times.

    The Warden is actually so hard to kill I’m having problems completing the deed connected to Dark before the Dawn skill, as it’s a tough job going below 50% morale…

    • Keligamer says:

      You are right of course. I do have level capped Guard and Champ and it would be interesting to compare warden. As it happens I have another warden that concentrated on crafting – I may have to get him out and have a real blast l)

  5. Sean says:

    There will come a time in the epic quest line where defeat is 100% unavoidable. Just be prepared for that.

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