Trouble in Tuckborough

A number of us in The Order of Gilthoniel had answered a call from our leaders to gather in Hobbiton for an urgent task. I had met with others along the road and now we were camped for the night in the Bindbole Wood in The Shire. I knew some of the kin of course, having met Carrosa, Oddwulf, Dandar, Metira, Crashin, Darkin, Iliraen and Twobeers before. But there were others as well who I did not know yet although Nutkin was pointed out to me as the leader of the kin. Disappointingly, Keli was not here, it seems as if I’m fated not to meet her.

Well, we had a good fire going to help keep the wolves away and were settling down to our meal. It was simple fare but tasted delicious after a day’s travel – cold meats, cheese, pickle, some fruits and cake for dessert. Then I noticed that Nutkin had acquired a pie from somewhere; he seemed loth to share it. Dandar was giving him some dark looks as though the sight of Nutkin eating a pie brought back bad memories.

Just then, Carrosa called out “Rider approaching” and we jumped up ready to defend ourselves. A familiar voice put the group at its ease “Hello, the camp, friendly rider approaching, don’t stick me with the pointy end”. Ha ha, it was Eofric, our Captain bringing us word from Aragorn.

“Aragorn has told me of several incursions by raiders into The Shire. Mostly brigands and the like. He has requested that we help the local Bounders”.

Quickly, the group was split up and given instructions. I was to head to The Great Smials in Tuckborough with an archer companion called Hood.

It didn’t take long to get there and meet with the Bounder in charge of the defence. He said “We are in a terrible plight! Sharkey’s men have locked the Tooks up inside the Great Smials! Please, drive off the brigands and goblins. I will see if there are any in the Shire who can aid us, but it will take time, do not wait for me. The Tooks depend on you!”

We made our way up the hill towards Hyacinth’s Entranceway. There were three or four men and goblins there together with a creature called a Bearer of Blight. These we dealt with. As we reached the entranceway we were relieved to see a Bounder and another hobbit – this was timely as we immediately faced two counter-attacks from the west. These were easy foes although a Zealot of Pain gave us a good fight.

After this, we went north and cleared the Western Hillside. Then back south and east clearing men, goblins and wolves from our path. To be truthful, these were not trained enemies and seemed to have little heart for the fight – I suspect that they were unwillingly conscripted.

Eventually, we reached Edilina’s entranceway. Here we fought with Edilina (Hobbit women are fierce aren’t they?) against the usual rabble plus a Defender of the Vile and a Dourhand Stormkeeper.

Now for the courtyard – this was a tougher fight as the enemy were gathered in numbers but Hood’s archery skills were amazing and he seemed to rarely miss. As we finished clearing the courtyard, the leader appeared and announced himself as Filzof.

”The Shire belongs to Sharkey now. You best be leaving before you get hurt. Boys, get ’em!”

Some weak wolves attacked us but were easily shot down by arrow and javelin. Filzof said ”I will make you regret ever coming here!” Oh, these bullies do like the sound of their own voices, a pity his sword skills did not match up. We thrashed him and drove him from the courtyard.

We spoke to Thain Paladin Took and told him that Filzof had been defeated and the Great Smials was safe now.

A few days later, we met up with the rest of the kin at the Ivy Bush Inn. All had been successful in their tasks and now Eofric was buying frothy flagons of ale for all – Dandar certainly cheered up at this!


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