A Celebration: New friends and old

Today I received a letter that mentioned something about a great winter festival taking place at somewhere called Winter-home. The letter directed me to see a festival representative; it seems there is one at Michel Delving where I am visiting at present. Well, I certainly need no second invitation to a festival as such a thing surely involves copious quantities of food and drink!

I found the representative near the stable master and was delighted to see a fellow kin-mate, Metira, who was also on her way to the festival. What a splendid pony she was riding.

I spoke to the festival stable master and what followed I can only describe as magic. One moment I was in Michel Delving, the next in a snowy landscape with a splendid town in view. I have no idea how such was achieved but I strongly suspect Gandalf’s hand in this. I decided to suspend my disbelief and simply enjoy myself. I spoke to a gentleman called Albert Yule and he gave me some guidance. In a short time I was acquainted with all the delights of Winter-home.

And such delights! Lets see, there was food aplenty with an eating contest going on, there were barrels of ale, dancing, snowball fights, splendid fireworks (ha, I knew it was Gandalf, he does the best fireworks) and, oooh, the best thing of all, there was a theatre with plays being performed! It was a little raucous with some of the audience throwing rotten fruit at the actors but they also threw flower petals as well at their favourites. Splendid fun. And I got to meet one of the stars, a fellow kin-mate called Hanreth.

Of course, there were also tasks to perform, after all one must earn your rewards. But these were not onerous and I met other kin-mates like Crashin and Dandar and Darkin as I worked.


Darkin confused me – when I first saw him he was most splendidly attired – though I have to question his choice of colour for his cloak; I mean turquoise, is he sure about that? But then I saw him the next day and he was most strangely attired, almost as though he was in disguise. Perhaps he is a spy!

The town itself looked very pretty and I was especially taken with the ice sculptures.

The snowfield was also nice with lots of snowmen but I had to wear my warmest boots it was so cold. I have noticed some nice winter outfits being worn and have determined to earn some myself.

Oh, joy, look who I have found, its my old friend Twobeers, who I have written about before. The old rogue looked splendid in his top hat and he appeared to be dragging a large cask of ale along. “Just the one beer, Twobeers” I said. He laughed and said “well, I need one hand for my tankard and it is a particularly large beer I have here. I’m just off to find a quiet corner and settle in for the afternoon”. I had to laugh, he is a character.

I did see lots of other kin-mates but have not yet had time to make sketches of them, perhaps later. But I wish everyone in the kin a happy festival and hope they are all having as much fun as me!

/OOC and a special thank you to everyone for reading my adventures – long may you prosper.

And a name check and thank you to Satine, Faya and Dnote from CM for keeping us so well informed this year – may you have an everlasting supply of stroopwafels 😉


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One Response to A Celebration: New friends and old

  1. Odobald Oddburrow (Laurelin) says:

    Stroopwafels! And not just a few stroopwafels, but an everlasting supply thereof!

    Well, since I can only agree with you on the subject of how splendidly Satine and her buddies have been informing us these past few months (even when the news was less than pleasant), I have to admit (reluctantly) they deserve those wafels rather more than I do…

    I would urge you to keep a few for yourself, though. Telling tales is a hungry business, and as you’re among the best of the tale-tellers, you’re probably also among the hungriest!

    Which brings me to this: when I’m back in The Shire I occasionally see folk I don’t really know. And sometimes, when I ask about them, I’m told: “Oh, that’s a hungry hobbit.”
    I always find that somewhat ridiculous. I mean, that’s like saying: “that’s a beautiful elf”, “that’s a tall man” or “that’s a stubborn dwarf.”

    Anyway… have a great festival and a good yule. I wish you safe travels in the year to come!

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