/OOC – Level 20; Still Alive

Well, I achieved the first target of making it to level 20 and The Undying title. During this last two levels I also achieved the Honorary Shirriff and Shire Brewmaster titles – two of my favourite titles in the game. How Seolferwulf would love the Little Wonder title but I guess that is impossible unless she reaches the level 60s.

I’m done with The Shire now and have almost finished Bree quests. However, I haven’t done any Barrows or any Bree rep quests. I’ve still to decide whether to bother.

So, what’s next? Normally I would flip between North Downs and Lone Lands but I can’t do that easily and stay within the rules. If I used the swift travel routes I would have to compensate by not playing for a time equivalent to the normal travel time (memo to self: work out travel time between Ost Guroth, Trestlebridge and Esteldin).

Lone Lands is the better bet as it has been revamped (something sorely needed in North Downs) and has the Eglain rep to gain. It is easily possible to go well into the level 30s in Lone Lands. And the clincher is that it is now a free expansion pack 🙂

From the Lone Lands the logical progression is onwards towwards Rivendell – an essential destination.

Money is proving a problem. I had saved a reasonable amount but the training at 20 wiped more than 50% of my stash. So I have decided to change professions and go the tried and trusted route of Explorer, selling the harvests.

Skirmishes – Seolferwulf is now qualified for skirmishes and my belief is that these fit within the rules for the project being essentially tasks to help the local community defend themselves. As I have already visited the relevant areas, I think I can accept the instant travel for the 2 Bree and 1 Shire skirmishes. I’m not sure what soldier to use with the warden – warrior seems obvious but I might also try a hunter and see how it goes.

So, onwards we go with Level 30 now the target.

Don’t forget to look me up in game – you may get a screenshot and a blog mention 🙂


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