Crebains and Wolves

I often dream of flying. Have you ever wanted to fly? To taste the freedom of the air, feel the wind in your face, see vast distances and look at all the small, scurrying creatures far below? It would be a wonderful thing Alas, our Enemy has already seen the possibilities.

I finally got around to visiting Lenglinn on behalf of Strider (Aragorn). While I was away investigating the Blackwold brigands, five Nazgûl attacked The Prancing Pony in search of four travellers from the Shire, which Strider had under his protection. Strider has told me that there are a total of nine Riders, and that he must know the location of the other four.

“While both you and I have seen five Nazgûl, their true number is nine. Before I can take my charges beyond Bree, I must know where the other four are hiding. Would you travel to the west and speak to Lenglinn? He may know the whereabouts of the remaining Nazgûl.”

I journeyed west, past Adso’s camp and found Lenglinn camped on a rise north of the Buckland Gate. I arrived at a good time as Lenglinn was beset and needed help.

“In the Black Riders’ wake, crebain have taken roost. They are not the common strain from Dunland, but a breed I have not seen before. Likely these foul creatures keep watch on Buckland and Shire…or at the very least me, since they have taken to staring at me in the night. While the crebain may see nothing of interest, the fact that the Enemy has eyes here is dangerous. If we were to blind these eyes, the Enemy would not be as sure in directing its efforts. If you would, dispose of the crebain that roost to the south-west, just beyond my camp.”

I have to say, I found that to be an enjoyable task, casting my javelin at the birds. Fetching the javelin afterwards was not so much fun though. My objective was soon achieved and I rid the world of several spying crebain. I returned to Lenglinn and we exchanged news.

“You say that Underhill is with Aragorn? I know of no Underhills…I was sent to watch over a hobbit named Baggins. I must assume that is whom Aragorn spoke of. That he is safe is welcome news, for my fears are somewhat allayed. It was late in the night when I heard the Horn-call of Buckland. Running to the road, I saw the Nazgûl leaving Buckland at a gallop. I tried to stop them, but they ran me down. I feared they had already found Baggins. The four Riders passed eastward towards Bree, but we may discover what they learned, if anything, at Baggins’ home in Crickhollow.”

I made my way to Crickhollow and spoke to Fredegar Bolger. He told me that the Black Riders had not caught him and so learned nothing from him, but he let slip to me something about a Ring belonging to the Enemy. As Fredegar was speaking, crebain flew out of the sky and attacked him; these were easily defeated but I was alarmed to see two retreating into the Old Forest.

I discussed this with Lenglinn and we sought counsel with Strider. He was disturbed by the news and said:

“There is one who could find these crebain for us, if we were to ask him for such aid…however, he may not see our worries as his. He is known by many peoples by many names. Of old, he was known as Orald to Men, while to the Dwarves he was simply Forn. The Elves called him Iarwain Ben-adar, oldest and fatherless. However, in these days, he is known as Tom Bombadil by those few who are aware of him.

Seolferwulf, look for Old Bombadil’s house, which lies at the far eastern end of the Withywindle, the river that flows through the Old Forest. He may help you if you ask him in my name, Aragorn. If you discover anything, I would ask that you address it as best you can. I wish I could help you in this task, but the safety of my charges comes before all else.”

So, it seems as though I must travel to that dark and forbidding land I saw to the south. I was hoping to avoid it but the task is laid upon me and I will carry it out. But not today – I want to find out what I can of this Bombadil fellow first.

Well, I’ve been so busy that I neglected to make any drawings in my journal. Looking back, I see the last sketch I made was of a kinsman called Oddwulf. This was a curious meeting.

I was fascinated by his name as we are both Wulfs. Of course we are not related he being about 3 feet taller than me haha. What was curious though was that he said he knew of many Wulfs in the kin – he knew of Beauwulf, Bravowulf, Eldwulf, Thorswulf, Wulfstar and Wulfrun. There may be more. Goodness, we have enough for a party!

He also told me that he had been to my home village of Maur Tulauh. Apparently this has been recently discovered by men – I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not. In any case, any visitors may find that the Stoors are not quite as welcoming as the hobbits of The Shire.

Anyway, here is an old picture I kept of my house there.


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