Is that really a Troll?

Welcome back, dear readers.

It has been a little while since I last updated my journal but I have been busy. Mayor Whitfoot’s assistant Fallohide asked me to investigate the disappearance of the money that was set aside for refurbishing the Town Hole in Michel Delving. I am to report to Griffo Boffin who lives near the centre of Needlehole, to the north of Michel Delving.

Consulting my map, I saw that the easiest road to Needlehole runs north from Waymeet, the crossroads east of Michel Delving. It was some distance to walk but it was a pleasant day with a refreshing breeze on my face. The path was good but led me into some marshy ground that the locals call Rushock Bog. They don’t like the place much but as a Stoor I found that it reminded me of home. We Stoors have long had an affininty for the riverbank and the water. As an aside, did you know that the Stoors are the only hobbits to wear shoes! It’s true, I assure you; we often wear shoes or boots when we have wet, marshy ground to traverse.

Well, listen to me, prattling on.

Oh, here’s a big surprise! I came upon what appeared to be a stone Troll in the Bog. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I thought Trolls were just a story to frighten the children. I wasn’t scared of course (well just a little) but I crept up to it slowly just in case. I needn’t have worried, he seemed to be made of stone just like a statue. Don’t tell anyone but I got my pocket knife out and chipped a piece off his finger to put in my backpack.

I met up with Griffo in the early afternoon; he was just finishing his lunch and graciously offered me some refreshments. Then it was down to business. It seems that he has some suspicions that the money was stolen by ruffian dwarves camped out in the Rushock Bog to the east, between Needlehole and Overhill. Their camp is somewhere nearby, behind tall wooden bulwarks. Griffo asked that I seek out the dwarves’ camp, retrieve the money bag, and bring it to Assistant Fallohide in Michel Delving.

To cut the story short, I soon found the camp. It seemed most of the dwarves were away so I was able to sneak up to their camp and retrieve the money bag. I had to fight a guard or two but they were fat and lazy and I am fierce! Actually, I think I rather surprised them and they were no match for me when I am running at full speed.

I spent the night in Needlehole as I didn’t want to travel the bog at night. Next day, I returned to Michel Delving and reported to Fallohide. He presented me with a splendid new Warden’s Shield and some coin for my trouble. It seems the Bounders are pleased with me as they said I had reached Level 10 and could now call myself The Undefeated. I don’t think so though, it seems a bit silly.

I have also started gaining reputation with The Mathom Society. I’m not sure yet what this will entail or if it will bring any rewards.

Before leaving Michel Delving, I spoke with the trainer there who taught me a wonderful new skill he called Ambush. Now when I throw my javelin, I can stun my prey for a few seconds. I can hardly wait to try it for real.

Tomorrow, I will be leaving for Tuckborough where I’m told there are many hobbits needing help. I think it may take a couple of days walking but I have food, some coins and a sunny disposition so I will enjoy the countryside and take my time getting there.

Until next time, dear readers


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3 Responses to Is that really a Troll?

  1. Gerry says:

    Keli, I have to say that was a wonderful read. It reminded me of my time doing that quest, but you somehow managed to put into words what I felt at the time. I really enjoyed reading that, I hope to hear more from your exploits in middle earth soon.

  2. TOG|Gorne says:

    “Don’t tell anyone but I got my pocket knife out and chipped a piece off his finger to put in my backpack.”

    It is this kind of fun attitude and humor towards life which keeps coming back to hear of your adventures. Enjoy the countryside but please look out for real trolls.

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