/OOC First thoughts

So far so good (at level 9). The travel restrictions are not a problem and help to force me to pay more attention to this wonderful world. Typically, I will cherry pick quests from a location and then rush to the next one; now I’m taking every quest going and staying in the area until I complete them.

Money is, however, an issue. Its always hard going at the low levels (why do skills at the trainer cost so much) and I think I’ve made a rod for my own back by going Farmer / Cook. It sounds right for the project to be doing this but there’s no money to be made making low level food. Now, it seems to me that any hobbit worth his salt would be able to cook anyway and he wouldn’t even consider it a profession – its something he would do in addition to other things.

Unfortunately Lotro only allows one profession so I’m considering dropping cooking and supporting the local economy by buying my food. I could then switch to a profession where I can harvest and sell. I will think on it for a day or two to see if things improve. There’s also the F2P launch to come – will there be anything that can be stockpiled now for sale to the newcomers?

Perma-death is not yet a concern. Partly because I am being cautious in fights and partly because the warden is fairly tough. I’ve toned down my (totally non RL) tendency to jump into goblin camps and take them all on. Now I have to consider that a maximum of 2 targets is more realistic, and preferably one. We’ll see what happens at level 19, when you always lose out on The Undying title 🙂


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