Chickens, wolves and blueberry muffins

Its been a couple of days since I last wrote my journal. Apart from being generally busy, I also had to rest up for a day after some fierce fighting. I had a few cuts and bruises but nothing too serious and it gave me the chance to do some cooking.

But to start at the beginning, Dora had asked me to rescue her chickens that were being threatened by wolves just north of Waymeet. I journeyed to the farm and soon discovered the problem.

There were several chickens around the farm but also several wolves. I think I was lucky as it seemed they had eaten their fill and were a little sluggish. In any case, none of them proved a great problem and soon they fled before my spear and javelin. I collected up the remaining chickens and headed back to Dora.

It was on the way back that things turned sticky. I heard a cry for help and ran to discover an old hobbit being attacked by the biggest wolf I had ever seen. He was so intent on his prey that he didn’t see me until my shield and spear hit him simultaneously, knocking him away from the hobbit. Well, it was quite the fight after that before I could drive him away and I picked up some small wounds in the process. Afterwards, I took the hobbit back to Waymeet so he could be attended to.

Dora rewarded me with a new spear and, even better, a dozen fresh eggs! This was nice timing as not only was I hungry after my exertions but I was aware of my dwindling coin stack – I needed to find something to sell. I was always a fair cook so that seemed just the thing.

Back in Michel Delving, I found the local farmers and negotiated for some spring barley, carrots, mushrooms and yellow onions. As I was about to rustle up some delicious foodstuffs for sale, I had a very pleasant encounter. One of the kin, Carrosa, was passing by and being a Master Chef and something of a breakfast connoisseur, she invited me to share her second breakfast. Splendid – mushrooms, bacon, eggs and potatoes followed by a delicious blueberry muffin. Thank you, Carrosa, that set me up nicely for lunch!

Now, I need to get cooking and see if I can find anyone to buy my wares, I only have 5 silver to my name and much hard work will be needed over the next few days or else I will be sleeping in the hedgerows and picking berries for breakfast.


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3 Responses to Chickens, wolves and blueberry muffins

  1. Osdor says:

    sounds very scary. glad I stayed home in my nice warm hobbit-hole 🙂

  2. smokeyjobe says:

    It is pleasing to hear that another band of kinfolk is as kind and generous as my own. I hope your wounds are healing well. Travel safely good hobbit! 🙂

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