Getting my bearings

I’ve started to explore Michel Delving. It’s a busy place and I have found everything I need. There are vendors, banking and vault facilities, a crafting and farming area and even an auction house. There is a lovely fountain in the centre where people gather to pass the time of day, something we Hobbits are past masters at.

I met a Captain called Ingo who gave me a beautiful hand drawn map of The Shire – gosh it’s so big!

Apparently, folks around here often organise themselves into Kins and today a fierce dwarf called Grimblin invited me to join his Kin, The Order of Gilthoniel. They seem like a very friendly bunch, it’s like having a lot of older brothers and sisters. When I mentioned that I was a budding musician, one of them, Fernn, taught me the rudiments of the flute. I need to get practicing now.

I’ve also been invited to a local group called The Bounders. They sound a disreputable lot but it seems they perform many important tasks in the protection of The Shire. And everyone is ranked by how much experience they have – they have ranked me at Level 8 and say I can rise through the ranks by performing tasks for people. It can be dangerous work but I have scraped enough coin together to buy a spear and shield.

The Post Masters seem a grumpy lot though. When I deliver a parcel for them they immediately tell me to deliver another! Oh well, it helps me explore the surrounding area I suppose. My last delivery sent me to a small outpost called Waymeet. There I met Dora Brownlock who needs some help rescuing her chickens from the local wolf population. With my name I’m not sure I should be out killing wolves! Still, that is a task for tomorrow, I’m sleepy now.


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7 Responses to Getting my bearings

  1. David Green says:

    Wow, I’ve been blogged, that may be a first. 😀

  2. Ingo, the Well Travelled says:

    I made camp in a secluded dell in Eregion last night, and as I slept I had a most interesting dream.

    I dreamt that I was travelling in the familiar land of The Shire, enjoying my sojourn amongst the Hobbit folk and their most excellent food and drink, for although slight of stature, Hobbit folk are the stoutest of trencher- and flagon-warriors, seeking only the tastiest of opposing sustenance with which to do battle.

    I met a likely Hobbit lass standing at a fork in the road with a look of puzzlement upon her face. As I approached she hailed me, introducing herself as Seolferwulf and asking if I knew which road led to Waymeet. I bowed to her and pointed out the desired road and then, remembering an old map which I possessed from my youthful adventures in The Shire, removed my pack and presented her with the aged and travel stained parchment.

    As she was thanking me for this simplest of gifts, I awoke from my slumber and beheld the light of dawn brightening the eastern horizon and the morning star still twinkling above the distant Misty Mountains. After I stirred the embers of the fire and saw to my faithful steed Goblin Trampler, I fetched my old map from my pack that I might gaze upon it and remember The Shire for a little while.

    I found the map buried deep beneath my little pouches full of the tokens of the Galadhrim and Malledhrim, noting that it was folded in a strange manner. Upon opening it I found something even odder, for in the lower corner, scribed in the Elvish script in a delicate hand were the words:

    “Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielvo. – Seolferwulf”*

    Somewhere in The Shire a young Warden will muster more quickly to the defense of her people, and of all the Free Peoples of Middle Earth, all because of an aged map gifted in a dream.

    – Ingo, the Well Travelled (but not too often, thank you Moria)

    * May a star shine upon the hour of our meeting

  3. smokeyjobe says:

    A great introduction from an interesting character (and a lovely add-on from Ingo also). I love the background of your name – very exotic! I shall look forward to reading more of your adventures. 🙂

  4. Michel says:

    I find it kind of interesting that, as a relative stranger, you’ve been invited to these two groups. Seems so unHobbit-like – they’re more reserved and suspicious of those they don’t know than that.

    By the way, my name is Berilac Boffin of Needlehole ( I’m also the postmaster of this small community ( So, if you happen to come by, I’ll hail you with a hearty hello and offer you a bench for rest and a small something for refreshement.

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