The Adventure Begins

Greetings to you all, gentlefolk.

Let me begin this journal by introducing myself. My name is Seolferwulf and I am a Hobbit of the Stoors. And I am a long way from home!

Seolferwulf means Silver Wolf in the ancient language of our ancestors. I like to think that I was so named for my fierce disposition but the truth is that it probably has more to do with the colour of my hair. Its not a very girlie name but then I’m not exactly a girlie sort of girl.

So why am I in The Shire? Well, it seems I am related to an adventurer in these parts, my Great Aunt Keli Shieldmaiden. That is, she is not a blood relation but a “friend of the family”. Unfortunately, my family has little information about Great Aunt Keli other than a letter that arrived some years ago from her where she mentioned that she had been awarded the title, Defender of the Shire. What a great hero she must be.

The Shire is a place of great mystery to the Stoors. We had vaguely heard of such a place and it was rumoured that it was inhabited by Hobbits! Not proper Hobbits like us but some sort of primitive offshoot. Well, I recently decided to set off to make my fortune in the world (not a typical Hobbit as you can see) and I remembered the story of Keli. What a good place to start, I thought, find The Shire and then seek out my Great Aunt.

I managed to make my way across many lands using the coaching service and the many stables on route, spending all my money in the process. But here I am in a place called Little Delving. I have found The Shire and the Hobbits. Now I need to find some way of providing food and shelter and, perhaps, earn a little coin as well. Frankly, I’m a little worried as we Hobbits generally enjoy 7 meals a day – breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper. I may have to cut supper out.

I have just met a fellow by the name of Mundo Sackville-Baggins. He would like me to deliver a letter to the Mayor of Michel Delving. Gosh, I am to meet a Mayor! Curiously the local Postmaster also wants me to deliver some mail – you would think they had regular delivery people. Oh well, its all coin.

And here I am in Michel Delving, it was only a short distance away. My word, I never saw a place so big and busy. It will take me some time to find my way around. But first, I need to sing for my supper; there is a nice Inn here where I plan to stay.

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3 Responses to The Adventure Begins

  1. irene says:

    Really great look to life in MiddleEarth!

  2. TOG|Gorne says:

    I love this Story Keli. I look forward to reading the other posts of your adventures.

    Gorne – Defender of the Lone Lands

  3. Michel says:

    I have silver hair too but it’s mostly on my chest… I guess a symptom of my seventh decade.

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